3M VentureShield Clear Bra Kits - Kits for $210!

VentureShield was acquired by 3M years ago and is now officially distributed by 3M. VentureShield is a urethane paint protection film with excellent elasticity properties and optical clarity. Designed to reduce stone chip, minor abrasion and environmental damage to car and motorcycle paintwork and headlights, it will help retain the residual value of your vehicle. Opt for wrapped around edges when ordering for a SEAMLESS look at no extra charge!

3M VentureShield

We can cut your clear bra kit from 3M VentureShield. Just fill out our simple order sheet and we will contact you to complete your order.

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To give your clear bra a seamless appearance along the edges of your hood and fender, we offer the option to have your clear bra kit made with a little more material to wrap around the edges.

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